Corporate and Event Catering

Whether for weddings, corporate events, or in-house company lunches, Frankie’s will meet your elite requirements.

Frankie’s custom catering is available anywhere in Shenzhen and capable of serving hundreds of meals daily. Clients can choose individual-specific meals or a buffet-style setting. We make your customized dining process easy too – both English and Chinese speakers are on staff at all times to handle your requests.

We understand that every business demands commitment, reliability and confidence in getting the job done. We serve great food, on time and with the quality you’ve come to expect from Frankie’s. We’re excited to take the great service and quality food Frankie’s is known for and bring it directly to your doorstep, exactly as you want it.

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Interested in long- or short-term custom catering for your firm? Contact our General Manager directly at

Phone: 755-8257-2376

To best serve you, please provide an answer to the following questions with your inquiry:

1) What is the expected attendance of your event?

2) What kind of food will they be expecting?

3) What is your budget?

4) Are there any dietary restrictions we should prepare for?

5)  What is the most convenient time to contact you?

6) What is your phone number?

We look forward to providing perfect dining experiences for your firm – contact us today!