April 17, 2015

Winter is Coming to Frankie’s Houhai…


Game of Thrones Night at Frankie’s Houhai…

Our location in Nanshan is now proud to say it will be showing the weekly episodes of the epic show Game of Thrones!

Every Monday night at 8PM the previous episode will be shown and the newest episode immediately after at 9PM. So for all of you Game of Thrones enthusiasts in Nanshan, fret not, for you need not travel so far to get your fix!

**Remember, Game of Thrones night at Frankie’s Futian starts an hour earlier due to Trivia Night.

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April 2, 2015

Happy Birthday Frankie’s!

‘Twas beautiful Tuesday morning on April the 3rd in 2012, the year of our Lord. For it was the day that Frankie’s Bar and Grille came into this world, with the Gods smiling upon us all. The birds sang to the heavens, cold beer rained down from the skies, and the very Earth stood still, as if it had been waiting for this moment since the dawn of man.

Now we find ourselves three years later in the prime of our youth, ready to spread our wings and soar.

We ask you, nay, we urge and implore you to join us here, tomorrow, on this most holiest of days. The beef shall sizzle and the beer shall flow, spirits will be high and we shall look akin a tableau. Oliphants will trumpet and the angel choirs shall sing, our thirsts shall be slaked and ingested will be many a buffalo wing.

So take off your work skirts and throw on your party pants, people, for as Margaret Thatcher always said, “Life is too short not to get blasted every now and then”.

What: Frankie’s Third Birthday
When: Friday, April 3rd, 4pm – LATE
Why?: Psh.

Let the debauchery commence…

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April 2, 2015

The NCAA Final Four at Frankie’s!


Set your alarms folks…the Final Four starts Saturday night at 6PM…Easter Standard Time! That means bright and early Sunday morning you need to shake off the events of the night prior and come down to Frankie’s for the madness!


Sunday, April 5th 6:15 AM: (1) Duke University vs. (7) Michigan State University
Sunday, April 5th 9:00 AM: (1) University of Kentucky vs. (1) University of Wisconsin

Come one, come all!

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March 31, 2015

Game of Thrones Night is Coming…


Winter is Coming…to Frankie’s!

Every Monday night, starting April 13th, we at Frankie’s Futian will be airing Season 5 of Game of Thrones at 8PM! For those of you who don’t remember the epic finale of Season 4, we will re-air that episode at 7PM – and every following Monday we will show the previous episode at this time as well.

What else does this mean? That Monday night is now a double-header of epic proportions. For after Game of Thrones concludes, at 9 PM you can test your knowledge in our highly-competitive Trivia Night, and the winner receives a bottle of Azor Ahai’s favorite liquor: Fireball.

Here’s a quick recap for those of you channeling your inner Hodor:

What: Game of Thrones Night
When: Every Monday Night at 8PM (Starting April 13th)
Why?: Because the fate of Westeros is at stake

What does Season 5 have in store for us? What will be Tyrion’s fate? Where will Arya end up in her quest to become a bonafide badass? Will Khaleesi’s dragons ever make it to Westeros? Who knows…you’ll just have to come down to Frankie’s every Monday night to find out. And don’t let Emilia Clarke’s new deal with HBO deter you from finding out.

For Winter is coming to Frankie’s…

March 16, 2015

Frankie’s March Madness Bracket Challenge!

March Madness is here ladies and gentlemen, and so is your chance to win the big bucks!

We have a hefty supply of printed brackets, so swing by either the Futian or Nanshan location (or both) and pick one up! It’s a 100 RMB buy-in and winner takes all! There’ll be a winner for each location. So make sure to write clearly and with ink (so Nate doesn’t try to change your picks)…

Will Kentucky take it all? Will Duke finally pull it together and not choke in the first round? Will UVa, former home of the Dotson bro’s, show they deserved better than their 2 seed? Or will my Alma Mater – Davidson College – pull off the upset of the ages?

It’s for you to decide…

Once the madness begins we will be showing a selection of games live (Eastern Standard Time Noon games) in addition to replays every night!

Round 1 Midnight Madness Schedule:

Thursday, March 19 at Midnight: (3) Notre Dame vs. (14) Northeastern

Friday, March 20 at Midnight: (2) Kansas vs. (15) New Mexico State

Round 2 Schedule: TBA

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