May 15, 2015

NBA and NHL Playoffs at Frankie’s!

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Join us for the Playoffs!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…the NBA and NHL Playoffs. The time of year that sees the birth of heroes…and villains. Will LeBron make good on his age old promise to Cleveland? Will the Anaheim Ducks finally make the Finals after so much disappointment in the past? Will the New York Rangers win their first Stanley Cup since their thrilling series in 1994? Or will MVP, Davidson graduate, and best player in the universe Stephen Curry, my personal friend, take home the championship?

Only time will tell…and time that you can spend here at Frankie’s Bar and Grille! Catch all the action here, replays, highlights, and live game coverage.

Due to the fact we’re 12 time zones away, some of the games will only be available through replay. Most of the NHL games has the puck dropping at 8PM – 8 AM here in China. However, the games played in the Western Conference in the NBA have 10:30 tip-offs, which will all be shown live!!

Currently, the NHL Conference Finals schedule is available:

In the East…

New York Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

Game 1: Sat, May 16th, 1 AM **LIVE!**
Game 2: Tue, May 19th
Game 3: Thu, May 21st
Game 4: Sat, May 23rd
Game 5: Mon, May 25th
Game 6: Wed, May 27th
Game 7: Sat, May 30th

In the West…

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Anaheim Ducks

Game 1: Mon, May 18th
Game 2: Wed, May 20th
Game 3: Fri, May 22nd
Game 4: Sun, May 24th
Game 5: Tue, May 26th
Game 6: Thu, May 28th
Game 7: Sun, May 31st

On the dates given, please contact us at 0755 8257 2376 (Futian) or 0755 8653 9503 (Nanshan) for the exact time of the replays! All the games will be replayed the same day in the evening.

So grow those playoff beards and come on down for all the excitement!!

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May 8, 2015

Happy Mother’s Day!


Celebrating the Mother’s of the World at Frankie’s Bar and Grille!

They held your hand when you crossed the street. They eased your fears when you heard that monster under your bed. They understood that you didn’t mean to smash the basement window with a soccer ball even though you were aiming at it. They held you in their arms as you cried yourself to sleep when the Cleveland Indians lost the 1997 World Series to the Florida Marlins in extra innings…

At Frankie’s we appreciate our Mothers for bringing us, kicking and screaming, into the world. This is why we would like to offer 10% off for all Mothers for the entire weekend! So, Mothers of Shenzhen, come on down to either of our locations and treat yourself on this great weekend…

Come one, come all!

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April 30, 2015

The Fight of the Century


For the better part of a decade the world has cried out for these two titans to meet in the ring. Floyd Mayweather, hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, standing 5’8″ and weighing in at 148 lbs…Manny Pacquiao, hailing from General Santos in the Philippines, standing 5’7″ and weighing in at 148 lbs. Would these two ever trade punches?

…the moment has finally arrived.

Dubbed “The Fight of the Century”, millions of spectators around the world will be on the edge of their seats, holding their breath in anticipation of that first punch (hopefully landing on Mayweathers face). We here at Frankie’s would love nothing more than for you to join us as we watch history unfold.

Both our Futian and Houhai (Nanshan) locations will open our doors at 10 am on Sunday morning. So roll out of bed, throw on those jeans and lace up those sneakers and make your way down to Frankie’s.

You shall not want for action.
You shall not want for blood.
You may want a beer or two.

What: The Fight of the Century
When: Sunday morning, 10 am
Where: Frankie’s Futian and Frankie’s Houhai
Why: …because it’s gonna be the coolest thing you’re ever gonna see in this lifetime

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April 17, 2015

Winter is Coming to Frankie’s Houhai…


Game of Thrones Night at Frankie’s Houhai…

Our location in Nanshan is now proud to say it will be showing the weekly episodes of the epic show Game of Thrones!

Every Monday night at 8PM the previous episode will be shown and the newest episode immediately after at 9PM. So for all of you Game of Thrones enthusiasts in Nanshan, fret not, for you need not travel so far to get your fix!

**Remember, Game of Thrones night at Frankie’s Futian starts an hour earlier due to Trivia Night.

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April 2, 2015

Happy Birthday Frankie’s!

‘Twas beautiful Tuesday morning on April the 3rd in 2012, the year of our Lord. For it was the day that Frankie’s Bar and Grille came into this world, with the Gods smiling upon us all. The birds sang to the heavens, cold beer rained down from the skies, and the very Earth stood still, as if it had been waiting for this moment since the dawn of man.

Now we find ourselves three years later in the prime of our youth, ready to spread our wings and soar.

We ask you, nay, we urge and implore you to join us here, tomorrow, on this most holiest of days. The beef shall sizzle and the beer shall flow, spirits will be high and we shall look akin a tableau. Oliphants will trumpet and the angel choirs shall sing, our thirsts shall be slaked and ingested will be many a buffalo wing.

So take off your work skirts and throw on your party pants, people, for as Margaret Thatcher always said, “Life is too short not to get blasted every now and then”.

What: Frankie’s Third Birthday
When: Friday, April 3rd, 4pm – LATE
Why?: Psh.

Let the debauchery commence…

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