October 18, 2014

Frankie’s Top 5 Times to Drink a Beer

Top5Who doesn’t love a good Top 5 list? Today I will unveil a new recurring theme on our beloved website: Random and completely subjective Top 5 lists of which no one is consulted but me. That name seems a little long, so we’ll just call the posts ‘Frankie’s Top 5 (insert subject here)’. These posts will not be up for debate, because (as I learned from my older brother) I am right…all the time. So without further ado:

Frankie’s Top 5 Times to Drink a Beer

5) Immediately after mowing your lawn. This one should need no explanation. It’s a scorching hot day and you’ve been slaving under the sun for countless hours. While the solitude is nice (even your wife’s shrill voice can’t compete with a sweet sounds of a John Deere), the work is grueling and completion most certainly warrants the adult beverage of your choice. While Frankie’s was at the forefront of the craft beer movement in Shenzhen, this is no time for a triple hopped IPA. No friends, crack open a can of Bud or Coors Light, sit down on your porch swing, and revel at the landscaping work of art you’ve just poured your heart and soul in to. You’ve earned it.

4) Post work, pre-family time. Like sand in an hourglass, most of us hardworking individuals spend the days of our lives submitting to the repetitive grind of the 9 to 5 work day. While we (hopefully) adore each moment we spend with our families sometimes we just need a little time to ourselves. This time tends to be between the hours of 5 and 7PM. Heck, it’s become such a ritual that there’s a name for it, and there’s a very good reason it’s not called “Sad Hour”. That reason is BEER!

3) The hair of the dog . While this beer is completely self-serving and in the face of the laws of responsibility, it may be the most necessary of all. What began at the aforementioned Happy Hour turned into an epic all-night rage fest. The night, and the thirst, got away from you. It happens. We certainly aren’t ones to judge.  Unfortunately, while the night brought good times and better stories the morning still comes, and with it the promise of a splitting headache and a queasy stomach. It’s the price we pay – such things are required of a champion. While some ibuprofen, Gatorade and a double cheeseburger may be the responsible route to take, no one ever told a story about the good times they had watching Netflix. No friends, it’s that pre-noon leveler that will give way to more memories and epic acts of awesomeness!

2) The celebratory brew. Ahhh, one we can all get behind. Just got a promotion? Maybe you got engaged (or divorced for that matter)? Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays…the list goes on and on. Nothing lifts the spirits like a group of you and your best mates sitting around with a couple pitchers of cold beer, forgetting about all the daily turbulence life can throw your way. In these moments all the negativity in our lives are miles away. Sit back, relax, and enjoy that pint you so richly deserve. You’ve made it through another day, another year on this Earth of ours, why not celebrate?

1) The “China Day” beer. This beer is absolutely location specific. Unless you’ve spent time in this jungle land we call home you can’t possibly comprehend the satisfaction that comes with your first sip of beer after one of those days where China just seems to have it out for you. Maybe the taxi driver drove you in circles to ramp up the meter. Perhaps, between your office and apartment, there are 4 different air conditioners dripping gallons of water by the hour. Maybe the guy smoking a cig on the elevator decided to hock an atom bomb of phlegm right beside your flip-flop. While living in China can be both professionally and culturally rewarding, there are plenty of days that make you question the life decisions that led you here. Trying to grin and bear it is often an exercise in futility. When these days come up (and trust me, they will) there’s only one thing a self-respecting person can do – head to your local pub, grab a cold one, and let each sip of frothy goodness wash the pain and frustration away.

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October 13, 2014

Vote Frankie’s for Best Burger!

PRDAwardsEach year the fine folks from That’s PRD nominate a whole slew of restaurants, bars and clubs in an attempt to figure out just who is the best at their respective craft in Shenzhen. Now, while there’s plenty of questions surrounding the nomination process (Gypsy’s wasn’t a choice for anything food related?), they definitely got one thing right: putting Frankie’s up for the Best Burger award! Our delicious burgers are what helped put us on the map, and have become the go-to dining option for beef buffs the world over. Typically we don’t care much for awards, but when it comes to our burgers we have the pride of a Papa watching his son get his first hit in a Little League game. So, if you don’t mind, take a little time out of your day and vote for Frankie’s for Best Burger in Shenzhen!

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September 29, 2014

Holiday Schedule Changes – There Are None!

business-as-usualFirst and foremost, I must apologize for the lack of eloquent and hilarious posts recently. I suffered a tragic muddling accident while making a round of mojitos and have been incapacitated for some time. Hey, this is just one of the daily risks we take to keep quality booze and food coming your way and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! So keep checking in for more frequent updates on your American home away from home.

The October National Holiday is upon us here in China, and I felt compelled to inform you that, despite the mass exodus of thirsty travelers (is the beer really SO much better in the Philippines?), Frankie’s will be operating under our normal hours and schedule for the duration. I know how it is. You wake up in the middle of the night. A cold sweat has set in.  You’re finding it more and more difficult to get your breath. The anxiety is almost unbearable. You simply cannot imagine getting through the week without a delicious hamburger washed down with an ice cold craft brew. “What if they’re closed?”, you ask yourself. You wait for an answer. Just when you think there is no one to put your mind at ease, you hear a faint voice. A voice that seems miles and miles away, yet you recognize it as your own. “Don’t be silly!”, the voice is telling you. “It’s an American bar and grille. Why would they withhold their unparalleled cuisine and alcohol selection from you?”. “They wouldn’t!”, comes your retort. “They would never disregard my happiness in such a manner!”. Within moments of this realization you fall back into a sweet, deep sleep with visions of potato salad dancing every so gracefully in your mind…

…The story ends with you coming to Frankie’s the next afternoon, having 2 cheeseburgers and drinking 11 beers. Unfortunately I can’t regale everyone with the more intimate details as this is a family friendly website, you heathen you. So when you find yourself in a similar state of panic, don’t worry! The gang at Frankie’s is here and happy to serve you throughout the holiday.

Stay thirsty, my friends!



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August 26, 2014

New Premium Bourbons!

Bourbon: So much more than just a breakfast drink.

Bourbon: So much more than just a breakfast drink.

When I first arrived in China, many moons ago, trying to find good bourbon (and good whiskey in general) was an exercise in futility. ‘Top-shelf’ meant Jack Daniels or Johnny Walker. Now, while I have no issue with delicious Jack Daniels sometimes you just want to put on your fedora and fancy pants and have a glass of something that doesn’t require ice and a mixer. As things tend to do over here, premium alcohol has (finally!) made its way to the People’s Republic! Whereas fine scotch has been available for a couple years now, I am thrilled to say that by looking no further than your favorite American oasis, you can sit back and sip on that glass of beautiful oak-flavored goodness that has evaded you for so long. With an array of fine bourbons such as Sazerac, George T. Stagg, and Eagle Rare on through 1792 Ridgemont Reserve, Buffalo Trace and Makers Mark, Frankie’s is now the go-to location for the bourbon aficionados of Shenzhen. Trust me, there’s little better than sitting back in our custom cigar room with a highball glass of premium bourbon, and waxing poetic about your experiences overseas in WWII (wait, maybe it was something else).

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August 13, 2014

Steaks and Sundays!

Shifu prepared, Ron Swanson approved.

Shifu prepared, Ron Swanson approved.

If there are two things us red blooded Americans love, it’s beer and football. But if there are two more – it’s steaks and Sundays! Since the gang at Frankie’s has already mastered the former, it’s high time we step up our game on the latter. Starting this Thursday we will be offering 500 gram steaks for your dining pleasure. They will be available each Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening while supplies last (which we envision won’t be long, because…steak).

Too good to be true? No way! In fact, it gets even better – because where there’s steak in the evening, there’s steak and eggs for Sunday brunch. Also newly available on our revamped brunch menu: a mouth-watering bacon, egg and cheese bagel and a hulking breakfast burrito sure to cure your hangover before you’ve had your first bloody mary (here’s hoping you’ll have room left for a second!).


The Recap

Thursday, Friday & Saturday – Steaks for days! 500 grams of beautiful beefy goodness, topped with mushrooms and onions along with two sides for the low price of 150 RMB.

Sunday – New and improved brunch menu! Steak ‘n eggs; bacon, egg & cheese bagels; and bulbous breakfast burritos to go along with your preferred breakfast libation. Oh, did you forget about the banana pancakes? Or our 150 RMB All You Can Drink deal on Sundays? As many Asahi Drafts, bloody marys, screwdrivers and/or mimosas as you can pour down your gullet in 3 hours!


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