April 22, 2014

New Craft Beer On Tap!

Pictured: What remained 3 hours after starting the '99 bottles of beer on the wall' song.

Pictured: What remained 3 hours after starting the ’99 bottles of beer on the wall’ song.

I must say, when we first met the guys from Brewers & Union, it was obvious they knew the quickest way to our hearts…delicious beer! After putting their Handwerk All-Day IPA on tap with great success, it was only a matter of time before we fell for another of their one-of-a-kind offerings. This time, Cupid himself came down from the heavens and shot us straight in the heart with an ice cold pint of Helles Lager (which left quite the bruise, I might add). The Helles is unfiltered, unpasteurized and bursting with flavor, with phenomenal body and freshness. It’s hazy to the eye and full on the palate, with a soft, round mouthfeel and a biscuity malt character.

I won’t lie, I don’t understand what most of that means. I took it straight from their website. Honesty is the best policy, folks. What I do know, in my infinite wisdom, is that this beer is absolutely delicious and begs you to have more than one! You can trust me on this, I love beer.

With FOUR craft beers now on tap (and seven taps in total), Frankie’s is fully embracing the fancy beer movement. After sampling these delectable offerings, I also recommend trying the B & U Dark Lager, which we carry in bottles. Much like wine, cigars and baller spreads of cheeses, the craft beer scene in China is on the rise. So roll on down, pay us a visit, and don’t get left behind!

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April 17, 2014

Let Us Host Your Event!

President Obama celebrating his inauguration at Frankie's. I swear.

President Obama celebrating his inauguration at Frankie’s. I swear.

Here at Frankie’s, we love to party. By party, do I mean watching Skindog in a shirtless dance-off with a total stranger? Well yes, of course, but that only happens during a full moon. So we make the most with what we have, and what we have, folks, is you! Were you born some odd years ago? Just get a big promotion? Dodge a bullet after your girlfriend pulled the goalie? Not have a reason at all? It’s okay! We would love to be your host. Since our opening, we have become quite adept at hosting all sorts of events and parties. With buffet options, drink specials, indoor and outdoor seating, and a very handsome General Manager (wink, wink) there is no better place in Shenzhen to invite your friends, family and colleagues for a little dine and drink fun.

If you’re interested, please contact the bar, or myself directly by email – nate@frankies-bar.com – to set up a date and time. With top-notch western service and friendly staff, we would love the opportunity to give you and yours a truly memorable experience!

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April 11, 2014

New Food Menu!

Yes, I eat this every day.

Yes, I eat this every day.

Once again, loyal patrons, you have forced our hand. Since you  can’t seem to get enough of our delicious dining options, we feel compelled to offer quite a few more! As of today, our brand new food menu has been sent to the printers (as for how long it will take the printers to get it right, I can’t say). On Monday, April 14th at the very latest, you will be able to choose from a larger variety of appetizers, burgers and proper entrees for your dining pleasure. A lot of time has been spent making these new items just right, with the highest quality ingredients and preparation, as is the standard here at Frankie’s.

Give Me More!

Oh, it’s details you want? Here ya go…

New Appetizers: Fried Pickles; Corn Fritters; Nachos; and Quesadillas.

New Burgers: The Five-Star Burger (beef, pulled pork, cole-slaw, bacon, onion straws, cheese and BBQ sauce); and The Veggie Burger (a black bean patty topped with salsa).

New Entrees: Lemon Chicken; Country Fried Pork Loin; Mama’s Meatloaf; and Barbecued Pork Ribs.

…And if that’s not enough, just ask your server about our new dessert offerings!

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March 31, 2014

Game Of Thrones Night!

If you see Joffrey out on the streets, give him a swift kick to the groin for me.

If you see Joffrey out on the streets, give him a swift kick to the groin for me.

While spring is upon is in Shenzhen, winter is most certainly coming in Westeros. For the second straight year the gang at Frankie’s will be showing the most recent episode of HBO’s acclaimed series, Game of Thrones. Every Monday night at 9PM we will air the hour-long show on our two HD TV’s and large projector screen with surround sound to provide a one of a kind viewing experience. Can’t make it one week? Fret not, we will also show the previous week’s episode at 8PM. There will be food and drink specials aplenty, because if there is one thing Tyrion Lannister appreciates, it’s a belly full of food and booze! Be sure to check out the Frankie’s Facebook page each Monday for the weekly trivia question. Give the bartender the correct answer and be rewarded with your very own dragon egg (and by dragon egg, I mean shot of bourbon). The season kicks off on April 7th, so get here early to claim your seat. The crowds were big and enthusiastic last year, and we expect an even bigger event in 2014.!

March 15, 2014

Frankie’s and De Koninck March Madness!

This poster is to be read in your best Dick Vitale voice...Baby!

This poster is to be read in your best Dick Vitale voice…Baby!

As much as we all love St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th, 2014 will be known for more than just Guinness and a hangover. It also marks the beginning of NCAA Basketball March Madness! The gang at Frankie’s has teamed up with the guys from De Koninck (namely Dan-the Man-Shelley), that delicious Belgian amber ale that we all love so much, to bring you everything you could hope for this March (and a little of April). We will be running a tourney pool, complete with a cash prize for the winner, in addition to prizes and drink specials all tournament long. We will be showing as many games as possible, live and replayed, via satellite and online streaming (send out a prayer to the Chinese internet Gods when you get a chance).

To get in on the March Madness pool, just stop by Frankie’s and ask your bartender for the details. Keep in mind, however, that I reserve the right to ban anyone who picks UNC or Duke to win it all. Just saying…

More Details Please!

-From March 20th through April 7th, we will offer De Koninck drafts for 25 RMB. All day, every day.

-The entrant who scores the most points each round will receive a De Koninck gift box, featuring 4 bottles of delicious beer and an official logo glass.

-A free pint will also be given out to lady or gent who: picks the most upsets; picks the lowest seed that advances the furthest; and scores the fewest points during the tourney.

-The champion will receive 20 free De Koninck coupons, in addition to a cash prize.

-The runner up will receive De Koninck coupons, and their entree fee will be reimbursed.

-During the Final Four and Championship game, each De Koninck draft purchased will get you a raffle ticket, which will then be put into 1 of 2 jars (depending on who you’re rooting for). Our bartenders will choose 5 raffle tickets after each game, each good for free draft beers.

That Was So Many Words…

Okay, okay…The short version.

Come to Frankie’s. Watch March Madness games. Join our bracket pool. Potentially win beer, beer glasses or money. Drink a million De Koninck drafts. They will be cheap…Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

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