July 14, 2014

Staff Profile: Adam Hagge

Mid-drop he decided the parachute wasn't necessary.

Mid-drop he decided the parachute wasn’t necessary.

As a career restaurateur, I’ve seen almost every kind of person show interest in bartender work. It’s certainly understandable, as few other occupations allow you the freedom to talk, flirt and drink, much less be  financially compensated for doing just that. However, with the hiring of Mr. Adam Rushton Hagge I was able to employ someone with a background much different than your typical part-time bartender.

After graduating from the lacrosse powerhouse that is Johns Hopkins University, Adam spent time mingling with the blue bloods up on Wall Street. While this would be a perfectly suitable endgame for most, Adam simply wasn’t satisfied. Upon growing bored with the day-to-day doldrums of the white collar lifestyle, he did what any sane, rational person would do…drop it all and get the heck outta Dodge!  After traversing the globe in search of the next great challenge, Adam paid a visit to his old NYC amigo Kevin Wallace here in Shenzhen. He enjoyed it so much he just couldn’t leave, and is currently enrolled in the masters (I think) program at Peking University in SZ, where he is currently dominating the opposition and wrecking the curve for his fellow classmates.

As punishment for shaving the immaculate mustache he sported upon our initial introduction, Adam will not be allowed to provide a quote for his profile. We can safely assume, however, that it would’ve been lengthy and most likely delivered in a friendly, yet condescending tone.

Random Facts About Adam:

-His three favorite things, in no particular order, are math, science and spreadsheets.

-He is responsible for Frankie’s movement toward craft beer, influenced by his love of delicious Coors Light (or maybe it was some other beers).

-He once beat the entire Final Fantasy video game franchise blindfolded, while only using his toes.

-He is the lead drummer for local Shenzhen band The Evil Deeds (available to play birthday parties and bat mitzvah’s the world over).

-His first big break in percussion came following a reality show competition. First prize? Lead drummer for Miley Cyrus’ band.

-He also served as understudy for the lead backup dancer in the same band.

-His alter-ego (The Werewolf) can show up at any moment, most assuredly still drunk from the night before.

-He has an inexplicable passion for lederhosen.

Intrigued? Stop by Frankie’s anytime. If Adam’s not there working, there’s a good chance he’ll be elbows deep in a basket of wings and a pitcher of Asahi.

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July 10, 2014

Off-Site Catering : We’ll Come To You!

catering poster 3Hey you! Yeah you, with the keen observational talents. Do you notice anything different about our site? If not, take a look in the upper right corner of the page. Yes, you’re reading that correctly. Starting immediately, Frankie’s is offering off-site catering to cater (hehe) to your event-hosting needs. We’re prepared to handle everything from corporate lunches and dinners to raucous holiday parties!

With the build out of our new industrial kitchen in Nanshan, you no longer have to make the trek over to Futian to enjoy our world-class western delicacies.  Our Executive Chef/Kitchen Manager, Kevin Wallace, will be helming the operation and bringing his talents to all over the greater Shenzhen area. So go ahead and quit forcing yourself to eat those dodgy Chinese delivery meals everyday and get in touch with us. We’re here to help!

For more info…

-Contact Chef Kevin at kevin@frankies-asia.com

-Figure out what plan works best for YOU!

-Eat the food

-Ruminate on the wonderment of the occasion

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June 18, 2014

Brewdog Punk IPA Now on Tap

It's so good. When it hits your lips...It's so good!

It’s so good. When it hits your lips…It’s so good!

Beer. You love to drink it. We love to serve it. The pleasure we derive from this process is only amplified when the beer is just as unique and special as our customers themselves! This is most certainly the case with the delicious Brewdog Punk IPA. Not only are we the only bar in Shenzhen offering this craft brew on tap, but we are one of three in all of Guangdong Province! Because I’m more of a Coors Light guy myself (don’t judge me), I’ll let the fine folks at Brewdog provide the description…

“This 5.6% trans-atlantic fusion IPA is light golden in colour with tropical fruits and light caramel on the nose. The palate soon becomes assertive and resinous with the New Zealand hops balanced by the biscuit malt. The finish is aggressive and dry with the hops emerging over the warming alcohol. This fresh, full flavour natural beer is our tribute to the IPA’s of yesteryear. The post modern twist is the addition of amazing fruity hops giving an explosion of tropical fruit flavours and a sharp bitter finish.”

While that all sounds like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo to me, our resident beer experts confirm that this beer tastes “real good”, and they ” like it a lot” and “want to drink about a million of them”. So there ya go, folks. Straight from the source! So get down to Frankie’s as soon as you can, because this beer is selling like hotcakes (which sell quite quickly, it seems).

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June 14, 2014

World Cup Action!

Every time a player on your team flops, you're buying me a beer.

Every time a player on your team flops, you’re buying me a beer.

Are you ready for some football? I know, I know, NFL season is still a ways away. However, the word on the street is there is some other brand of ‘football’ being played, and people seem to be getting pretty excited about it. We may not be soccer hooligans, by any stretch of the imagination, but we are ardent supporters of any excuse to drink beer into the wee hours and display overt patriotism. With games airing at 12AM, 3AM and 6AM, I can’t promise that we’ll stay open for every matchup. But if there’s interest, we’re ready to host. So bring it on, soccer fans, and witness the only time every four years that Americans actually show interest in your sport!

P.S. If you US wins the whole shebang, Skindog will streak in the buff through Coco Park. So you’ve got that to root for.

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June 10, 2014

Frankie’s 4th of July Bash

4thofjulyposterIt’s never too early to start preparing for the biggest, most exciting day of the year! Seeing as how we’re the only American bar in this fair Chinese city of ours, it only seems right to bring you the most raucous celebration of our nation’s birthday in all of China. It’s going to be positively patriotic, folks. I’m talking about bourbon and beer, BBQ and baked beans, burgers and baseball (okay, that last one will be hard to come by).

Fortunately for all you competitive eaters, our two-time reigning champ Kevin “Skindog the Manimal” Wallace has decided to relinquish his title and give the rest of you a chance in our annual hot dog eating contest. Even better, with the impending birth of his first child (who will be named Everett Stonewall Jackson, yes, you read that right), Big Ed Jackson will be unable to defend his title of “Best Dressed in Every Costume Contest Ever Held”. With wide open races and prizes for the winners,  the competition proves to be fierce, and most likely inebriated.

You came out in droves last year. Heck, we almost ran out of beer because of you liberty loving lushes (which won’t happen again, I promise). So clear your schedules, hire a babysitter and put on your party pants, because Friday, July 4th will be a day to remember!

The Details:

When: Friday, July 4th at 1PM

Where: The sushi restaurant in Coco Park. Oops, no…I meant Frankie’s American Grille and Bar

Why: ‘Murica. That’s why!

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